P ! C T U R E S

... * ~ "Friends & Me" ~ * ...

This is another picture page
which is not READY yet!!
i still need to upload the
pictures of my friends and
my family onto this so hold
tight while i do this!!:)


first pony i ever owned died 2001 July


my 2nd pony
show name *its a matter of principle*


This is a picture that my friend Tracy done for me, which is so cool!! well i like it:) Thanx gurl!

Again this is another one of that girl Tracy's doing..
Heavy work huh!!


This is my mate shes
18yrs old. She one
funny gurl who can
make you laugh 24/7!
I totally value her
friendsh!p i only
known her for the
last year but its
like we have known
each other for years and years...
Mhairi on the RIGHT

My pal mhairi on the right
who is 16yrs old, and one
lil crazy gurl.. I met up
with her at GIG ON THE GREEN
the gurl was almost as fucked
as me was proper jokes....

**I See Trouble Ahead**