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>>>>>>>.....COWAL .. GAMES.....<<<<<<<

Shout out to old friends which i re met on cowal games and will never forget....

Emma Murray,
Kelly McKinven,
Vicky McKinven (Good luck in california)
Rachael Sinkie,
Robbie McKillop (Good Luck with Morton F.C)
David Kelly,
Kay (u Dafty)
Paul (u are the fav outa every1 lol)
Katie Wallace (big ya self up for being Lost & me and you jumping the que)- take care of your self.
Jamie Lee,
Robbie Mckinlay,
Kevin McGowan,
Kerry Martin,
Ronnie aka Tiggles aka floppy ear lobes (ronnie keep in touch, but call me a ct again ill break ya tings off so their wont be anything to ct lol jokes floppy ear lobes)

Cowal games was a great weekend had one of the best weekends for a long time Big up..
Alena, cheryl, lee-anne, moira, tarya, Mad Jayne, Laurie, Leigh, Michelle, gillian & my self for the Little Devil cards....

Friday night was mad in dunoon good night!!

But saturday topped it was drinking all day and was fucked! Cowal games is a time for remembering all your old friends and remember how important it is to stay in touch and how much you really did love them all!! Big up Angela, Alice and Ashley for keeping it real dunoon style in Glasgow..

Sat was jokes, 5am in the morning alena has the keys for cheryls house and has copped off with Ali Mctagart (Out side speciality) and has turned her fone off and has cheryls fone but refuses to answer it, no1 else has fones out, we are sat at bottom of ferry brae freezing cold with short little kilt skirts on and small tops freezing to death for 2 hours for her to cum back, but luckily we had good company to give us jokez big up alena for being ASERTIVE lmao haaa!!